9 to 5 Isn’t Going To Cut It!


Never since the industrial revolution have we experienced a paradigm shift like we are experiencing now.

So many people are joining the home-based business revolution.

Small businesses, network marketing, and sole-proprietorships are popping up everywhere.

With the current economical state, and strife within the government, we are all looking for alternatives to supplement our incomes. Our motivations are all different: some need to provide for their family, some need to generate additional income, some have come to learn that their retirement plan simply isn’t going to pay out they way they had expected all along.

Regardless of the reasons, we are all beginning to realize that the traditional 9 to 5 isn’t going to cut it any more.

Although we can all benefit from this shift, but in order to thrive, we have to fundamentally change our way of thinking.

If you were like me, when you were raised you were told to go to school, get a good job, and when you became a good employee, the rest would take care of itself. Well, we’ve all had a rude awakening, haven’t we?

There is no such thing as a secure job. Nobody these days gets hired to a job, and has the security our parents felt when they joined the workforce. For our generation, an education is no longer the ticket to financial security it once was. Often times, an education turns into nothing more than another debt we have to pay back, and we have nothing to show for it.

It’s less expensive these days for big corporations to outsource, or to hire unskilled (or novice) employees, and terminate them when their skills reach a level where they would have to compensate them more. We’ve created a culture where everyone is disposable, and nobody feels secure.

This has turned our workforce into a group of self-serving individuals, who feel no commitment to their employer, because they know that in the end they will have to fend for themselves.

Floundering in the workforce has left us with one option: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN FUTURE!

It’s not surprising then, that the home-based business has experienced such a surge in recent years. We are all afraid, and the traditional system is letting us down.

The question is: How do you find the thing that you can do on your own, and become successful enough to support yourself (or simply pay your bills)?


Do You Have A Story?

I was asked today if I have a story.

Do I have a story? Of course I have a story! Who doesn’t have a story?

It was not a random question, I was invited to a networking event for Speakers which happens to feature an open mic. It’s a venue for Speakers, and Would-Be-Speakers, to refine their skills while rubbing elbows with like-minded people. In this context I’ve discovered I really don’t have a story.

Does one really have a story if one has not bothered to define what that story is?

We all have experiences, and we all have things to share with the world, but if you were asked to get up on stage in front of an audience, would you be able to explain your story in an effective and engaging manner?

I know at this point I simply could not! Never mind the stage, I don’t even have an elevator pitch!

At this point I am beginning to defining myself as an entrepreneur. I have a vast history working within the corporate world, but no real experience yet as a bonafide expert at anything in the self-employment realm.

What on earth do I talk about, and how on earth do I get started?

At this point I am a firecracker with a fuse that hasn’t yet been lit! I am about to explode into greatness (of this I am confident), but for now I am a volatile mixture of wonderful ideas without enough hours in the day, or clear vision of where I’m going.

I’d like to use my experiences for good, and help people as much as I can (I have a passion for small business and network marketing). I’d like to monetize my soft skills into something that will assist the same small business owners and network marketers I mentioned. I’d like to create a membership based website. I’d like to do some consulting. I’d like to host free webinars. I’d like to write a book.

All together these ambitions seem so overwhelming (especially for someone like me who simply never stops thinking, and is always hatching a plan). I know that I need to break down all these idea into smaller more manageable tasks, and I know I need to simply start – somewhere.

That’s what I did with this blog. I decided I wanted to write, and had absolutely no idea where to start, so I signed up for an account, and started writing. Now, whenever an idea crosses my mind I sit down at the computer and start to type. I don’t know if I’m blogging effectively. I don’t know if I’m using the right key words, and I CERTAINLY don’t know how to monetize the darn thing, but you know what? I started! I figure at this point, as long as a few people are enjoying what I do, then I’m happy. The lessons will come.

We’ve all been new at something at some point in our life. We’ve all been beginners, and have had to learn by going through it. My journey into the world of entrepreneurship is new, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Do I have a story? Yes and No.

I have a story in my mind. I have plenty to share.
Have I committed it to paper? Not yet.
Will I? Absolutely!

Do you have a story?

Entrepreneurs Mind Goes A Mile A Minute

Sometimes the issue isn’t having too few ideas, sometimes it’s having too many!

If you’re like me, you’re never at a loss for ideas! Your mind probably races with all the possibilities that business (and life) have to offer.

I’ve never had a lack of ideas. If brainstorming were an Olympic sport, I’d bring home the Gold every time!

To be perfectly honest, this can be hard to manage. It’s difficult to put priority on ideas when they are constantly there. In quiet times I find myself plotting and scheming in the back of my mind. During busy moments there are even more opportunities that present themselves. Every circumstance in my life breeds new ideas. What to do about them?

I was once given the advice to write down my ideas when I think about them. I was told that it would help me to clear my mind. This is fine, and worthy advice, but what do I do with them then?

You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? You’re just like me, and end up with stacks of papers, booklets full of lists, and sticky notes everywhere. Feels counter-productive.

There must be a solution for those of us who have brains that won’t shut off.

How do we prioritize, and take action on some of these ideas, while letting go of others?

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Starting

One of the greatest barriers on the journey towards becoming an entrepreneur is fear.

Fear manifests itself as self doubt. The feeling that you’re not good enough, or you don’t know where to start, or that the task is simply too monumental to accomplish.

Don’t let these fears talk you out of what you know you’re destined to do.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey for the strong willed. We all know that there will be bumps along the road, but don’t become one of your own bumps. Let life knock you around, and learn lessons from it, but don’t contribute to it by doubting your own abilities.

You know you were made for this. You know that you are good enough, and smart enough. It’s time to start taking control of your thoughts, and allowing the positive ones to drive you.

Doubt is paralyzing. It will stop you. It will prevent you from doing anything.

Push doubt aside, and just get moving. Motion leads to momentum.

Once you start moving you won’t be able to stop yourself. Things will start to fall into place. Ideas will start to flow.

What do you do to put fear in it’s place? How do you get started when you feel fear?

Entrepreneur Trapped in a J-O-B World

Throughout my life, I’ve excelled at every job I’ve ever done. When I got an interview, I was hired. When I got the job, I was promoted. When I was promoted, I learned new skills. When I learned new skills, I was more marketable. When I was more marketable, more opportunities presented themselves, and so, the cycle would begin again at a higher level of influence. This was a wonderful opportunity, for which I am thankful, but there was a problem… I was bored!

Working for someone else was never a vision I had for myself.

I identify with my career, and the work I do largely shapes who I am on a personal level. When I worked for others, I always felt as though there was something lacking from my life. I always felt limited by their boundaries, and their personal aspirations. Sometimes I would find myself more passionate about their business than they did, and my enthusiasm would be seen as over the top, even intimidating to some.

My reaction would be to tone it down, and let my excitement fade.

When a dreamer allows themselves to be limited by others, they can feel trapped. I’ve felt trapped by evey job I’ve ever held. Not at first, remember my enthusiasm, but over time. After being told “No” or “We can’t do that” or “It’s not our policy” enough times, I begin to feel like a caged animal. So, I usually leave, a little disgruntled, and look to find another adventure, and so, the cycle would begin again.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been searching for fulfillment all your life, and if you’re anything like me, a large part of that fulfillment comes from what you do as a career, so you can probably identify with the frustration I’ve felt as an employee. You were probably raised, very similar to me, and were taught to go to school, get good grades, and find a decent job. We simply weren’t taught that there were alternatives.

I have always been entrepreneurial, as a kid I sold friendship bracelets, and anything else I thought someone might pay for, but my skills were not recognized, and I did not have a mentor to guide me. As a young person I saw these activities as fun, but did not know at the time that they could be valuable. Instead, I dismissed them as a hobby, and focused on the tasks that would lead me towards a job, thus begins my journey towards discontentment.

Years and years I spent working in 9 to 5 drudgery, when I knew as a child what I was supposed to do. I’ve never been meant to punch a clock, or commute. I’ve been destined to make my own rules, and rely on my own creativity to excell in this world.

It’s been a long journey to get to where I am today, but I’m so glad I’m finally here. I’m taking the first steps as an adult towards entrepreneurship. I’m going back to basics, and back to what I truely love to do. I am going to let my spirit soar, and do what I was meant to do all along.

Have you ever experienced a feeling like mine? What did you do about it?
Please share in the comments below.